Radio Free Albemuth

Je vous donne en l'état le communiqué de presse officiel concernant le tournage de Radio Free Albemuth, tel qu'il m'a été transmis par la production. Sa lecture suivie de la comparaison avec ce qu'on a pu lire hier à droite et à gauche peut vous amuser cinq minutes.

– October 26, 2007 – Writer, Director and Producer John Alan Simon today announced that principal photography on the Philip K. Dick-authored story RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH commenced in October on locations in and around Los Angeles. Musician/actress Alanis Morissette has joined the cast, which also includes Jonathan Scarfe (ER), Shea Whigham (Tigerland), Katheryn Winnick (Failure To Launch) and Hanna Hall (Forrest Gump).

John Alan Simon and his company
Discovery Productions and Dale Rosenbloom and his company Open Pictures (Girl in The Park, Shiloh Trilogy) will produce alongside Rhino Film’s president Stephen Nemeth (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dogtown and Z Boys).

Alanis plays Sylvia, first seen in one of Nick's (Scarfe) visions as a glamorous, phenomenal singer, who shows up in real life as an ordinary woman looking for a secretarial job. Recently declared in remission from lymphoma—which has puzzled her doctors, who thought it would be fatal—Sylvia gets a job at Nick's record label as a secretary, where her spirituality and visions soon make her a soul-mate with Nick.

Commenting of her first dramatic lead role, as a mysterious woman with prophetic visions and a beautiful singing voice, Alanis says, “I am a big fan of Philip K. Dick's poetic and expansively imaginative books. I feel blessed to portray Sylvia, and to be part of this story being told in film.”

Philip K. Dick’s most revealing and autobiographical novel was published after his death. Dick made himself one of the major characters in this story of an alternate past reality in which Richard F. Fremont, a Nixon-like President has managed to cling to power into a fifth term of office while hunting down a shadowy terrorist organization. Nick Brady, a record store clerk in Berkeley, begins to receive messages and visions from a mysterious and God-like source from the star system Albemuth, that he dubs VALIS – for Vast Active Living Intelligent System. When offered a high-paying music industry job, Nick, along with his wife Rachel and best friend, Philip K. Dick, a science fiction writer, move down to Los Angeles and find themselves drawn into an extraterrestrial plot to bring down Fremont’s totalitarian regime with the subliminal power of music.

Je ne sais pas ce que vous en pensez mais ce projet, sorti de nulle part, dégagé de la mécanique hollywoodienne par son statut de film indépendant, me donne particulièrement confiance. Certes nous avons encore très peu d'informations sur l'adaptation en elle-même mais je trouve que tout va dans le bon sens.

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